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Welcome to Volcanoview tavern, venue and accommodation, your versatile destination, where quality is served with a smile.

Here you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Play, eat, drink, party and enjoy the awesome view of Mt Taranaki.

Before we started a restaurant in the Netherlands, we visited quite a variety of restaurants on practically all continents. We realized that besides food,  the overall atmosphere makes or breaks a gathering together with family, friends and colleagues.

Our concept is  based on providing fun, quality time and healthy tasty food to all our guests, young and old. When you enter the restaurant for the first time and actually see the mountain, you will be astonished. Then you think “what a great place for a wedding, a work do or birthday party and what a pitty we did not bring the (grand)children with us”. At least that is what people tell us……What you will miss hoewever is the cabinet food. We make everything fresh and we are fast!

If we do not suffer from a drought [ the last couple of years February was a difficult month for farmers and businesses in the rural areas], iced water is available from a jug at the bar. Please help yourself. We only serve water at the table after 6 p.m. or when water accompanies another drink you ordered.

When you are seated we will hand you the extensive menu and serve the food and drinks you ordered at your table, so that you can make the most of the time together with your friends and family. We do not like queuing ourselves, so why should you order at the bar?!

Besides atmosphere, delicious and healthy food is an important part of the deal. Every single meal is prepared with love and that’s exactly what you’ll taste! Getting curious about our offer? Please have a preview at our menu.

Regardless if the sun is shining, or if it is a drizzling Sunday, kids love to play outside in the playground or take an exciting ride on the flying fox. While the kids are having fun outside, you will have time for that good conversation you had when you had no kids.

Our goal is to serve healthy food and ensure you leave with a smile, a good feeling in your stomach and a wallet that is not completely emptied..

 We hope to welcome you at Volcanoview Restaurant one day soon!