Food & Drinks

"fresh local food with a dutch twist"

Breakfast and Lunch Menu
Delicious home made food & organic coffee in a healthy and welcoming atmosphere

Natural - 11

With sugar, syrup and/or lemon

Sweet Dutch - 15
Sautéed apples, raisins & cinnamon

Savoury Dutch - 15
Bacon and/or cheese

Banana and Chocolate - 15
Banana slices and warm chocolate sauce

Sweet and Salty - 16
Bacon, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup
Dutch Pancake Wraps
Roasted veggies and feta wrap - 18
Honey, sage and thyme roasted pumpkin and sweet potato, Kalamata olives, feta cheese and salad

Crispy chicken wrap - 18
Crispy chicken, red onion compote, salad and spicy mayonnaise

Bacon and truffled mushroom wrap - 18
Creamy truffled mushroom sauce with crispy bacon and salad

Rise and shine
Yoghurt granola bowl - 14
Yoghurt with seedy lemon ginger and cinnamon granola, fresh fruit, almond shavings and coconut flakes
Scrambled eggs - 17
Scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with miso butter, smashed avocado, Kalamata olives and crumbled feta

Lava eggs - 17
Two eggs slowly cooked in "Prutje" sauce with sourdough toast and some salad on the side

Liberty - 18
Vegan pancake with Little Liberty snickers ice cream, sautéed apples, crunchy granola, almond shavings, coconut and maple syrup

Dutch Apple Pie with ice cream - 8

Delicious Brownie - 8

Vegan Banana Bread - 8
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