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When we first saw the Barrels, we were immediately in love. They are hand built by our now good friend Mike, and are the cutest, most romantic mini homes. During the day the benches can be folded in, and you have a place to read a book, enjoy a card game or plan your hikes. Meals can be eaten inside, as it also has a small table. For sleeping, the benches fold into a two-person bed.

Our property is located at the foot of Mount Taranaki and is the ideal place if you plan an early morning hike on the mountain or even attempt to climb to the summit.

But this is also the perfect spot if you just want to relax, unwind and enjoy nature.
Tilda Publishing
  • 2 person barrel home
  • Bed and table
  • Warm showers
  • Clean toilets
  • No mattresses and linen provided
  • Café, Restaurant, Bar at crawling distance

We appreciate the beautiful spot here at Egmont Road and we love to share it with others. We have chickens, three steers and two sweet dogs. The environment is very peaceful, mostly all you hear are the birds and the chickens. We grow our own vegetables and love the garden. We live surrounded by nature and in some cases also depend on it.

Mattresses and bed linen: The barrel home provides a clean and dry place to spend the night. You do need to bring your own (air)mattress and blanket. If you are really not able to bring this yourself, please give us a ring in advance, so we can see what we can arrange for you.

Water: We depend on the rain water and usage of water for the shower can be restricted in case of a drought. Of course we will inform you about this.

Kitchen & Shelter: The campsite is fairly basic and has a garden / farm stay feel to it. We do not have a kitchen or sheltered area for cooking. However, feel free to use your own gear or order from our café. If the weather forecast is very bad for multiple days in a row, this would not be the perfect spot with a tent.