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So we can meet again!!!!!

When will we see you again?

(♫♪ The Three Degrees)

We  have received this question many times over the last weeks and that feels good because it means people did not forget about us. As we now enter “security level-2” of the lock down it will provide us the opportunity to see  familiar faces again and do what we love most: “provide our guests with a great time”.

We are a destination

Here at Volcanoview we just celebrated our 9th anniversary and people who have been here know that it is all about Dutch conviviality and ambiance. We like to see Volcanoview as your extended living room where you can relax just like at home whilst someone else does the cooking and the dishes.

Hospitality under “safety level 2”.

Social distancing, keeping record of who stayed at our tavern. These are the rules and we will comply. But for the rest nothing changes. We will still offer honest food which we make from scratch. We bake our own sour dough bread, our own buns, and make all our sauces and sweets and chips and so on and so on. Which means that we know what we serve. And we do that in a speedy manner.

We are sure you and others will be keen to celebrate when you feel comfortable again to enjoy the things we have all taken for granted over the last decades, i.e. dancing, singing, hugging, drinking and sharing food with other human beings. So what stops you? What about you take a look at our online booking form below. Just reserve a table and we’ll play it by ear. Please not that under security level 2 we cannot take bookings for groups over 10 people.

Hope to see you soon again.

Team Volcanoview

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