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SARS COV2@volcanoview

It started in March 2020 here in New Zealand and has not ended yet.

This nasty virus has caused havoc in many countries and sadly a lot of older [80+] people with weaker immune systems did not survive the attack of this virus.

We at Volcanoview have always been focused on providing healthy food. Healthy food, sunshine, exercise, all contribute to boosting your immune system. Your immune system can cope with major diseases, but only when it is up to par.

It was thus interesting to see how governments around the world were dealing with this. Total lock downs, all gyms and restaurants closed.

But as soon as the levels came down from 4 to 3 all fast food chains were allowed to provide stuff you can eat to the general public. Talking about HeAltH. What a joke. Meanwhile gyms were not allowed to open up and people could not exercise at all.

What the near future will bring here in New Zealand is not clear. New Zealand “suffered” from heaps of CaSes, but these were mostly cases based on a (false)positive PCR test and people did not show symptoms. That makes it unclear if we have built up any herd immunity over the last year. Irrespective the latter, the NZ Government is probing the citizens to take a Pfizer vaccine. An experimental vaccine. The experimental test phase of this vaccine ends in  2 0 2 3. We here at Volcanoview will just wait till then before we decide to take any vaccine.

Meanwhile our focus will be more than ever on providing healthy food. Fresh veggies, Indonesian food, Dutch pancakes with apples, bacon, cheese, fruit, mushrooms, capsicum and so on and so on. Just pop in to boost your immune system. Leave your mask at home or in the car. We love to see your face so that we can communicate.

We wish you all well. Think before you act and know that informed consent is of the utmost importance.