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Health&Safety Volcanoview

A major part of the 10 acre block is dedicated to activities for young and old. That makes Volcanoview so different from other restaurants. For some we are a sort of pit stop for a coffee and a quick bite, for others we are a destination where they can spend hours eating, drinking, talking, playing. In short we provide leisure time. Numerous pedal karts for kids in the age from 3 – 95. Their use is free of any charge, but please  do not bump into another kart.  We have all heard about the Health & Safety rules and you yourself have to prevent accidents from happening. Secondly the karts are rather expensive and since they are imported from the Netherlands it is not easy to bring in new ones. The average price amounts to NZ$ 1,750. And…what applies to your car, also applies to our pedal karts. As long as you are taking care of yourself and others, nothing will go wrong.

The southern paddock is a private paddock where we have built three flying foxes for our own kids. The construction and the materials used are all complying with the CE-standards and we check the units regularly. Entering this private paddock is at your own risk. We cannot lock the gate since we frequently have to access the site because our green house and veggie garden are located there as well.

If you decide to enter the private paddock, please read the information sheet first. This sheet exactly states what cannot be done. Remember that a flying fox is providing you with a ride above the ground at a certain speed. If you are over a certain weight ( max. 70 kg), you will touch ground half way or earlier. So it makes good sense to test this before you take the ride. When you walk the trolley up to the top portal, just sit on the seat half way the track and if you then touch ground there is only one solution: lose weight and do not use the flying fox.

Just realize that we do not charge and do not supervise for the activities provided and that we like to keep everything intact. Enjoy and have fun! And please supervise the kids that are under your supervision.

If it is raining heavily outside and even kids hesitate to play, there is still a lot to do inside. We have a Dutch Sjoelbak or shuffle board and…kids can bake their own pancake with our chef. Lots of funnnnnn. And the pancakes are yummie as you can see on this picture


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