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Pedal karts

Pedal Carts for young & old

“While raising our four kids we experienced that quality time together as a family was best achieved when the kids were having a good time. That is why we provide a safe and exciting playground for our guests, and it is free of charge.

All the equipment is tested and absolutely safe.. if used in a normal manner!   As parents we do understand that kids often have other views. The pedal karts can for example be seen and used as bump-carts. We have experienced that this can quickly put an end to the quality time with the family together. Kids might get hurt and crying kids ruin a family outing. But parents will definitely cry when we have to notify them that their child just added NZ$ 1,750 to the bill, the price for importing a new pedal kart.

We do everything to make you feel at home, all we ask for is to respect  our equipment, just like if you take care of your own car.

Please supervise your loved ones.” It is your  responsibility to actively supervise your kids. Our responsibility is to provide a safe environment.

 The Mammoet pedal karts are strong, reliable and when used normally can offer years and years of pleasure to various generations.

They come in a wide variety of designs. Normal karts, quads, Jeep style, trikes, the possibilities are almost endless. Most designs are on display and can be used in our playground.

We have good news in case you would like to purchase a pedal kart to play with at home. We are the sole importer in New Zealand of the Dutch Mammoet pedal karts.

For more information on prices and delivery times please contact us. info at

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