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Pedal Carts for young & old

The playground is a heaven for young and old. everybody can use the pedal karts for free and enjoy playing in the fresh air.

Unfortunately there are a lot of (older) kids who feel the pedal karts can be used as bump karts. Well, …………that is not the case. By bumping the karts get severely damaged. And if we see this happening we will not hesitate and will action. it is appreciated however that any parent/supervisor or any other adult present, would take action as well. Only then we can offer this facility long term.

The Mammoet Karts are strong, expensive and normally offer years and years of pleasure to various generations.

We are the sole importer of the Dutch Mammoet Karts/Carts. As mentioned above, I cannot say they are cheap, but they are worth the money since they last for years and years. Second hand karts are easily sold on TradeMe and still worth a lot of money.

For more information on prices and delivery times please send an email to info at

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Play Ground

The playground is the place to be. Numerous pedal karts for kids in the age from 3 – 95. Yes the use is free of any charge, but please  do not bump into another kart. First of all there is a risk of injury and secondly the karts are expensive. The average price amounts to NZ$ 1,750.

The 150 meter, the 75 meter and the 40 meter flying foxes are fully operational and lots and lots of kids and their parents enjoyed the ride/flight already. The flying foxes are built for our own kids and are located in a private paddock. Using the flying foxes is at your own risk and parents should keep an eye on their loved ones. Please note that there are weight limits!! If you are heavier than 70 kg….just don’t use the Flying Foxes. You either get dirty or wet, or you hurt yourself.

When it is dark the Flying Foxes are off limits.

Please take into consideration that we do not charge for the playground and that we like to keep everything intact.

Enjoy and have fun!