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Flipping Covid

Ok we have a restaurant. Over 100 dishes on the menu. During the week we do have some guests, but not enough to pay the bills. Then comes the weekend….from 11:30 am till 2 pm one rush of people who all (rightfully) expect we can serve what they order. How would/could they know what we experience as a business? Fact is that this situation is not sustainable. Tourists are gone. Kiwi’s are nice, but they will never ever compensate for the loss of revenues the NZ Hospo businesses suffers from due to having no tourists.

I feel we will have to focus on functions and work do’s and just forget about being open for the general public and wait for someone who orders a hot choc, or bitterballen or an omelette. Pity for all those people who appreciate what we had to offer, but since we all face the same Covid shit, we should  share this equally and do not cry cry cry (Johnny Cash)

So do not be surprised when we are closed.

Thanks for your business


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