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Dutch Pancakes

A Kiwi pancake differs somewhat from a Dutch one. Dutch pancakes are baked in a big pan, of at least 33 cm diameter.

The mix is a combination of Buck Wheat, white and whole meal flour, eggs and milk. Not too bad for your health.

The best way to describe them is by referring to big pizza’s, but then baked in a pan and not in an oven. And of course the mix is different as well.

But they are D E L I C I O U S.

The number of different options is amazing. From natural with lemon juice to the Puakia, a pancake with bacon, spicy mince,mushroom, capsicum, onions, tomatoes and cheese. And some secret spices. Or the Toscane with olives, or one with ice cream, choc sauce, whipped cream, or apple raisin and cinnamon. Or warm cherries with ice cream and whipped cream. You name it. We make it. and …we do the dishes!

First you need a hot pan of the right size IMG_20140914_120440


Then the ingredients, in this case the bacon IMG_20140914_122358


Followed by the pancake mix IMG_20140914_125842


Then we flip the pancake and add cheese and put the pan in the oven  IMG_20140914_120520


And at last we need a hungry guest——–> YOU! IMG_20140914_120643


Mission accomplished