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More Dutch than before

2020 will be the year that we will even more focus on our Dutch specialties. Pancakes, bitterballen, our famous ” prutje ” and Sea Food Chowder will all be on the day menu. In the evening you can drop in without a reservation as long as you accept that we will serve our Dutch Indonesian food or the traditional Kiwi Scotch Fillet or our healthy fish dishes.

If you book one day in advance for 4 people or more…we can prepare our Indonesian Rice Table with 3 meats, one fish, 2 vegetable dishes and heaps of side dishes.

For group bookings and or functions we can cook whatever you like and to almost anyone’s budget.

Hope to see you soon.





Functions Work Do’s Christmas time coming soon

Time to book your function now.

We have still some dates available.

You can choose between Kiwi style or Dutch Indonesian (Malaysian) buffets.

2-3 meats, fish, vegetarian or vegan, and lots of side dishes

Costs: from $ 35 per head.

For more information please call 06 75 66 112 or -even better- send us an email at





Fathers Day

Woohoo, Sunday is Fathers Day!

Not too special, because it is fathers day every day. Anyhow, anyway, Volcanoview Tavern is open from 10 a.m. to serve big breakfasts, scotch fillet, broodjes bitterbal (Dutch treat) and much more. No need to book, just pop in. It can be busy between 12-1 p.m. See you Sunday



New management

New Zealand is a sort of magnet . The life style, the friendly people, the space, it all appeals to young people from the western hemisphere. And so my son Lex and his partner and baby daughter are now living in New Zealand. He will be managing an important part of the business and for now his focus will be on the efficient use of social media. You will surely meet Lex in the restaurant. His energy and new ideas will be beneficial to all.



Indonesian Food

Over the last two months we have had great feed-back from our guests who came for the Indonesian Dinner. Every dish is spiced differently and nothing is too spicy hot. You can always add spicy hot “sambal” but you cannot take it out anymore!

It is rather essential that you book in advance. Cooking Indonesian is something totally different compared to cooking  dishes such as Scotch fillet and Cajun salmon. The spices have to “soak in”  and that takes time.

For those who prefer Scotch fillet or Fish Pot or Chicken Parmesan or Cajun Salmon, no problem, we can still do that as well. But you will be disappointed if the other guests go for the Indonesian because it will take some time before they have finished their dinner.



Healthy Food

That’s what we like to serve…..and a focus on the Dutch & Indonesian kitchen as well.
Yes we will still do our salads, home-made burgers, but we will gradually change towards pancakes during the day and super tasty Indonesian food at night. Bookings are essential since we are no magicians and do need to prep.



Staying overnight at Volcanoview


We are located in rural Taranaki. We offer campers and trampers the opportunity to stay here overnight. Hot shower, tent or campervan site (non powered), a full fledge restaurant where you enjoy 20% discount on food & beverages. Our campsite will open as long as it is warm and dry enough to make your stay enjoyable.

We charge $ 14,00 per person. Shower is hot and free, but….we are not connected to the main town water supply so we ask our guests to preserve the water and limit the time you are under the shower to around 5 minutes. For just $ 3,50 extra p.p. you can enjoy a Dutch pancake in our restaurant.

Apart from the camp sites we also offer B&B and a cabin with bedding.

Further we have a basic cabin (sleeps 5) and a Barrel (sleeps 2) without bedding. So if you are fully equipped with mattress and sleeping bag, you can use one of these.

Costs? From $19 per head for the basic cabin, to $60 per head for the B&B. All depending on the length of your stay.



Sammy the Coffee addict

If you open this link you get access to Sammy’s blog. A blog about a passionate young woman who loves coffee, food and awesome places to enjoy this.