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Your scenic campsite in Taranaki

From scenic beaches to a mighty volcano. Taranaki is your place to be if you love the outdoors. If visiting Taranaki is on your bucket list, you might want to consider our scenic campsite. We are located just three kilometers from the Egmont National Park (North Egmont area). Continue reading if you would like to discover why you should stay at Volcanoview.  

campsite Taranaki

Three reasons to stay at our scenic campsite


  1. Nearest campsite to the unforgettable walks on Mt Taranaki

If you are thinking about conquering yourself by going to the summit of Mt Taranaki, enjoy the Pouakai circuit or simply enjoy the silence of rural Taranaki then this is your campsite. Within 15 minutes by car you arrive at the North Egmont visitor centre. From there you can start several walks. The walks range from one hour walks to a four day track around the mountain. Especially when you want to go to the summit it is important to start walking early. By staying at our campsite you don’t have to wake up too early. If you wake up at 05:00 am in summertime you can start walking before it gets too bloody hot.

  1. Affordable stay with a real breakfast, lunch or dining experience

Although basic camping is a lot of fun. It can be a relieve sometimes to eat something different for a change. For that reason we offer a delicious big Dutch pancake for only $ 4,00 if you stay at our campsite. And if you feel the Dutch pancake was not big enough, as a camping guest you get 10% discount on all other food and drinks in the restaurant. Feeling hungry already?

– Price per person without Dutch pancake: $ 14.00
– Price per person with Dutch pancake: $ 20,00

     3. Top view of Mount Taranaki

There are many great spots to enjoy the view of Mt Taranaki. But one of the best occasions would be when you wake up and you get a perfect view straight from your camper van or tent. Or enjoying the scenery after a long hike with a beer and sunset. The view of Mt Taranaki is like a never ending painting. You can sit for hours and just look at it and enjoy the ever changing picture.

Sunset Mt Taranaki

Some rules to assure everyone enjoys their stay at Volcanoview campsite:

     1. Quiet places become a rarity on planet earth and we are proud to be one of those places.

We are a rural DOC style campsite and we prefer it to be nice and quiet from 10 pm till 7 am; some people wish to get up early and others just climbed mount Taranaki and wish to recover.

   2. Please check in between 4 pm – 6 pm.

Please do not arrive in the dark because access to the camp ground can be denied.

   3. Please note that we fully rely on rain water

We fully rely on rain water for our water supply and it is really appreciated if you do not shower multiple times and or longer than 5 minutes; after 10 pm the shower is switched off till 7 am, because the water pump wakes everybody up.

   4. Come prepared

We have drinking water but in times of drought we cannot supply more than 1 liter of water per person; bottles of water are for sale in the restaurant at $ 1.50 per 1.5  liter bottle.

Two reasons why and when you should not visit our campsite

  1. You expect a top 10 campsite

We are a basic campsite and offer no kitchen facilities, Wifi, shelter, trampolines and swimming pools. If you cannot live without that luxury we advise you to visit one of the holiday parks in Taranaki.

      2. It is raining cats and dogs

We do not offer shelter and when it rains there is no view. So please give us a call to check if we can assure you our desired experience on a rainy day.

We hope to welcome you soon at our rural campsite!

Feel free to give us a call for enquiries: 06-7566112