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Are you suffering from stress caused by the rat race or post Covid stress?

  • Are you just in for a rest, a tranquil mind, meditation, yoga, an Enneagram session or just a couple of days doing nothing, give us a call or mail to info at

  • We offer a friendly peaceful atmosphere with beautiful views and a constant changing scenery. Ideal to put your mind at rest. Recharge your battery!

  • We arrange weekend retreats. Come with your camper van, or book the B&B or one of the cabins.

  • The day starts early with a walk in silence through the bush, followed by yoga and meditation.

  • After a healthy breakfast focus is on listening, reading and writing, all inspired by the wisdom mentioned in different famous books.

  • The options for the rest of the day are numerous and will be tailor-made to the group’s wishes.

  • Working in the vegetable garden, vegetarian lunch, time for yourself, read a book, walk in the National Park, and together prepare dinner.

  • All in costs for a tranguil weekend from Friday night to Sunday late afternoon, based on providing your own accommodation:$ 240,00

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