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Camp ground

  • Ideal location to stay, unless it is raining like crazy because we have no kitchen and no shelter
  • If you like to stay on our private property with your van, car or tent (which is even nicer because then you will hear the birds, cows and chickens more clearly), we charge $17,50 per head per night including a super nice healthy and filling Dutch pancake.  Please take good note of the fact that we normally serve until 7 p.m.

  • If you do not want a nice pancake, all good, then the cost for one night stay is $ 14,00 per head.
  • Our campsite is basic, but we offer a hot shower, toilets, drinking water and super views of Mt Taranaki.

  • And….you  get 10% discount on any other food (other than the pancakes mentioned above) and drinks  you order in the restaurant. So, the more you eat and drink, the cheaper the stay. Sounds funny, but it is true.  Nice and easy, wine, dine and hop into bed. What else do you wish for
  • Best to book in advance since we only have a limited number of sites

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