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– Are you open on public holidays? Yes we would if only enough guests would show up; unfortunately that is not the case; heaps of people think restaurants are closed or have a surcharge those days and this ” thinking” results in people deciding to do something else; the result is that we have a staff team that is waiting fro people whilst we have to pay them 1.5 times the normal wages and grant them a day in lieu; the best way to go bust and….after being 6 years in business we have no such plans whatsoever.

– When are you absolutely closed for business? We are closed om December 25 and 26, December 31 at 4 PM, January 1. Sorry for that 😉

– We decided to come for dinner but you were closed!  Yes unfortunately that can happen if we do not know you have plans to come to us. We are open from 10 in the morning and in wintertime and early spring when we have no bookings there is a chance that we send our staff home; to be sure we are all ready for you, just give us a call before 4 pm for same day reservations; in summer time there is no issue, because we have heaps of campers who like to have dinner in the restaurant

– Are you BYO?  Just bring your good self. We are fully licensed and it really only pays to bring your own wine if you bring your most expensive bottle(s) since we charge a cork fee of $ 15 per bottle of 75 cl

– We like to bring a cake, is that ok? Only if you ask us prior to confronting us with a person carrying a huge cake who asks us if we can store the cake somewhere. So please ask us when you make your reservation, and we will inform you that we charge you $ 1,50 per head as a sort of ” cake fee” and please ensure that you bring a real home made cake; we can make wedding cakes, birthday cakes on request, and it really hurts our feelings when you bring a cake you purchased at your local supermarket.

– We have special requests in regards what we can and cannot eat, is that a problem? Normally not, but it depends on the size of a group and if we are informed about this in a timely manner; we only purchase tomato sauce, mayonnaise, BBQ and tartar sauce. All the other sauces like aioli, salad dressing, mushroom  and Stroganoff sauce, white sauce, prutje sauce ( typical Dutch sauce with bacon, mushroom, onion, capsicum, tomato, chilly paste, soy sauce) we make ourselves and we thus know exactly what is in it.

– We are vegan, that should surely be a problem? No way, just tell us when you make your reservation and we will cook you a nice Indonesian Sajoer with rice and tofu and more; or we use our brains and come with another surprise. Just give us some notice, that is all we ask.

– We bring our kids, have not too much money to spend, can they still play in the playground? Yes, no worries, as long as you make sure the kids do not bump with the pedal carts.

– I would like to come, have a coffee and read a book, is that Ok, or do I have to go when I have finished my coffee? No of course not. Stay as long as you like. Enjoy the view, the music. At one stage you get so hungry that you will order a Kilcoy open chicken sandwich anyhow. If you stay long enough you might as well stay for dinner