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Yes we have a cabin as well, but please book in advance. Sleeps 4 adults maximum, but…you will have to make use of the campsite amenities. For toilet and shower you have to walk 20 meters. We charge $ 40 per head for 1-2 people, $ 35 for up to 3 people and $ 30 if you come with 4. Apart from a good bed, super view, cozy room, you also enjoy 20% discount on your food & beverage bill in the restaurant. So no need to go to town and you will enjoy a beer and a good feed at a reasonable price. If you cannot book in advance costs are $ 45 per head and you run the risk that the cabin is not available.


And we also offer another option: the basic cabin. No need to book in advance. Sleeps up to 5 adults and you have a awesome view of mount Taranaki. If you bring your own sleeping bag and inflatable mattress the costs are $ 19 per head and yes, you still enjoy the 20% discount in the restaurant. And..we also have the Barrel. Sleeps 2 people..but you can not be taller than 1.77 meter.

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