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Bookings & some Rules

It is obvious that someone who does not have in depth knowledge of the hospitality industry is already overly happy when the actual booking for a function, birthday party, family gathering, work do and so on has been done.

For us however it is important to know the exact number of people attending, the time you will arrive, the time you wish to start your lunch/dinner/buffet, who is going to pay, if top shelf is allowed if someone is shouting the drinks, if you bring a home made cake and so on.

Normally we will ask all these questions prior to confirming the booking.

But then weeks and sometimes months can go by and even at a very last moment people might have difficulty to attend.

We do understand this, but….if we do not know this at least 12¬†hours in advance there is very little chance that we can adapt to that.

So please take good note of the following rules:

– if you book the venue for a specific number of people you will be charged the cost per head based on that number, unless we have received an email or phone call at least 12 hours in advance advising us of the new number of attendees

– if more people attend then was planned, we will do our utmost to accommodate and the extra costs per head will be charged

Рif you bring a cake without prior consulting us, the cake charge will be $ 20 per cake; when we were advised the cost is $10 per cake for real home made cakes; please do not go cheap bringing a cake from a retailer.

– if your guests are all paying separately you are requested to bring a printed guest list so that we can mark who has paid and who still has to pay; any and all unpaid costs will be charged to the person who booked the venue

– if the host is shouting the drinks, please advise us if top shelf is included or not; we can handle that and it is far less worse than having an unpleasant discussion afterwards because top shelf is expensive stuff

– kids normally pay half price when they attend a buffet, but what is a ” kid”; some 12 year old kids eat like an adult and some 16 year old eat like a kid; so what we normally do is play it by ear/eye; in case of doubt we will discuss.

– BYO is an option but we suggest to bring your most expensive and special wines because the corkage is $ 15 per bottle because we are fully licensed; please note that you can bring your wine, but you cannot take it off premises again (Liquor Law)

– please do not bring any spirits to our restaurant; it has happened when we had a function but is is awkward because we will confiscate the bottle(s) immediately; it is our legal responsibility to ensure that no one gets intoxicated and if people start drinking their own stuff we have no control at all.

I truly hope this set of rules will suffice.


Cheers, Joep