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Tent sites

Not many people will argue when we state that New Zealand is the most beautiful country on earth.

But actually not many people explore it the way we believe you should do: by sleeping in a tent. Fresh air and a Tui (bird not beer) as a wake up call!

At VolcaNoview we offer a couple of basic  (tent) sites – DOC style + hot shower –  where a Tui or a rooster will certainly wake you up. When you zip open your tent you will have the best view on the Volcano. Is there a better way to start your day?

BUT….when it is raining like crazy, just go to Fitzroy Beach Camp, since we offer no kitchen facility or shelter…


  • Showers and toilets are available for $ 17.50 per head, so no need to go ” freedom camping”  on Mt Taranaki where it is not allowed because there are hardly sufficient toilets, especially not because our camping fee includes a super nice and healthy Dutch pancake.

  • If you do not like the pancake idea we might have another option, or you just decide to pay $ 14,00 per head instead of the $ 17,50
  • For those who appreciate convenience we have an attractive offer: 20% discount on all other food and drinks in the restaurant from check in till approximately 9 pm.

  •  We do not offer kitchen facilities, chillers, WiFi, shelter.

                                                                           Rules? Yes a couple:

1. we are a rural DOC style camp ground and we prefer it to be nice and quiet from 10 pm till 7 am; some people wish to get up early and others just climbed mount Taranaki and wish to recover.

2. check in from 4 -8 pm. Please do not arrive after 8 pm because access to the camp ground can be denied. 

3. we fully rely on rain water for our water supply and it is really appreciated if you do not shower multiple times and or longer than 5 minutes; after 10 pm the shower is switched off till 7 am, because the water pump wakes everybody up.

4, we have drinking water but in times of drought we cannot supply more than 1 litre of water per person; bottles of water are for sale in the restaurant at $ 1.50 per 1.5  litre bottle

5. please switch off all lights when you are finished


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