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VolcaNoview restaurant is located on a 10 acre property in a rural area. Close to the National Park and an ideal starting point for day trips, day hikes on the mountain, a place to relax. We offer overnight stay options for any budget. From $ 12.50 per night per head to $ 75 for a B&B single or $ 120 for a double. And if you like we also serve a super breakfast.

All bookings for the cabins can be made using the AirBNB app or by sending us an email. Save, sound and you see immediately if the space is available

If you come with young  kids, teenagers, your (grand)parents, we can offer the B&B option for the older generation, the cabin for a family with young children, the tent site or the basic cabin that sleeps up to 5 people for the teenagers.

Or what if the parents wish to sleep in a decent bed, whilst the young kids hope to experience a night in the wild in a tent? Parents wish to supervise otherwise they do not sleep. So why not combine the cabin and put up the tent next to the cabin. Party time for all enjoy a 20% discount in the restaurant.


Camp(ervan) sites

If you come with your camper van, or your tent, which is even nicer, we charge $ 12.50 per head per night and for that little money you can camp on our private property, use our shower, toilets and….you get 20% discount on all food and drinks you order in our restaurant.

So, the more you eat and drink, the cheaper the stay. Sounds funny, but it is true.  Nice and easy. Wine, dine and hop into bed. Drink and sleep, have breakfast,  what else do you wish for?

No need for a toilet and or shower? No problem, just park your self contained campervan at the parking area and enjoy our service when you feel you need this.

Our site is an official NZCV association Park Over Property  site.

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Retreat, peace, silence……….

Are you in for rest, a peaceful mind, meditation, yoga, a session with our kinesiologist or just a couple of days doing nothing, give us a call or email

We offer a friendly peaceful atmosphere with beautiful views and a constant changing scenery. Ideal to put your mind at rest and to recharge your batteries.

During the summer we arrange weekend retreats. Come with your tent or camper van, or book the B&B. A typical retreat  starts early with a walk through the bush or yoga and meditation. Followed by a healthy breakfast. The options for the rest of the day are numerous and will be tailor made to your wishes.You cab work in the vegetable garden, read and discuss the Bhagavad Gita, lunch, have some precious time for yourself, read a book, walk in the National Park, and prepare for dinner and…bed.

All in costs for a restoration weekend based on providing your own accommodation are $ 150 per head.

For more information send an email to

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